Laurel captured one of my favorite flower shots to date. I love how the background fades away into buttery bokeh and blackness.

Clay and Sarada


My friend and coworker, Clay, got married a few years ago. This image is my favorite from that evening. It may also be one of my favorite images that I’ve captured period.

A Saint Augustine Wedding

Vargo Wedding

Laurel and I were vacationing in Saint Augustine, Florida in May 2014. We stayed at one of those lesser known but beautiful B&Bs tucked away from the seasonal tourists. One afternoon, we were sitting on the balcony and watched a small wedding in the courtyard below. There wasn’t a big attendance. There wasn’t a photographer. Just the happy couple and a few of their friends. Afterwards, the couple stepped out onto our same balcony and asked us to shoot a few photos of them with their iPhone. Instead, I offered to capture a few images of them with my Canon. This photo is one of my favorites from that day.